I’ve volunteered at SYN since 2013. In that time I’ve presented countless flagship shows across the network such as Sunday Sweets, New and Approved and SYN’s Australian music show, The Hoist. In 2017, I joined the leadership team as ID’s and Promotions Producer.


Here you can listen to some of the radio interviews I’ve conducted, as well as talk breaks and station imaging I’ve produced.


After spending years running a music blog before foraying into radio, music programming seemed like the next challenge. A natural progression, you could say.


I’ve programmed various shows and time slots on community radio. These include New and Approved, where the focus is on just-released music and The Hoist, which is all about Australian artists. I also program New Music Mid-dawns – a 4 hour slot on a monthly basis which showcases mainly recent tracks, but also dives into some deeper cuts.


I’m intrigued at how technology and community intersect in the radio and digital mediums. I’m also enamoured with mastering new software and technologies. Play-out services I’ve used include Jazler, RadioDJ and Flywire. I’m in the process of learning how to use Zetta and GSelector.


I’m always chasing new music tips and speculating who could be the next big thing. So, with my co-host Gloria Brancatisano (Beat Magazine) we programmed The Shortlist – a show that deep dives into the motivations, inspirations and stories behind artists on the way up.