You know those people who add every single project under the sun to their plate, then look for even more stuff to do? Hi, hello. That’s me.


I write, produce radio, take pictures, manage projects, plan release strategies, look after artists (#bandmom) and know the iTunes Metadata Style Guides like the back of my hand.


Since 2012 most of my spare time has been taken up by Casual Band Blogger and its sister podcast Liner Notes. At the moment I’m a contributing writer/photographer to Beat Magazine and the host of Home Base, an Australian music program on 94.1 3WBC. I’ve also lent a hand to SYN and triple j Unearthed over the years.


On the daily, I look after support and content operations for AU/NZ at Ditto Music. Metadata rules my life and I’m not even mad.


I do a lot of things, but at the end of the day it stems from one passion: Helping people create and release their art.


Need a hand with a project? Let’s work together. You can get in touch via email: rochelle[at]flackseed[dot]com.