Ro Flack.

Melbourne based,

regionally raised.

22 year old digital producer + manager.


Rochelle (Ro, or Chelle for short) Flack is a broadcaster, producer and music lover. Since founding and managing music publication Casual Band Blogger  (2012-present), she has gone on to produce stories for organisations like SYN, the ABC and Best Before. Her current project is Liner Notes, a documentary series which shares the stories of individuals working in the music industry. She also works casually for triple j Unearthed as a content maker and Super User.


A cross-medium creative, her skills and abilities include:

  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Copywriting
  • Subediting
  • Radio production + presenting
  • Voice over
  • Feature writing
  • Artist management + consultation



+ hello(at)casualcommons(dot)com
+ 61 431 722 489